The Pillar

The Medical Education Pillar strives for a Europe of the highest standards in healthcare education and a continuous integration of medical curricula. In a world in which progress is moving faster than it ever has before, the opportunities to learn something new are never enough. We thus try to provide the chance to enrich the students’ university experience with seminars and workshops focusing on the different aspects of medicine.

The most notable projects in this direction are Effervescience, Bioethics 101 and our collaborations with Luce Per la Vita Onlus.


One of our most successful projects, it takes care of the organizational aspects of the several workshops and seminars that have been and keep on being offered.

A few honourable mentions are the Brainstorm cycle of conferences, held by researchers of the Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi, focused on the brain and its functioning, and the Clinica Senza Frontiere, a workshop organised with Medecins Sans Frontieres where humanitarian operators shared their experience and discussed clinical cases.

Bioethics 101

A seminar tackling one of the most fascinating although difficult topics of medicine: ethical dilemmas. In fact, this seminar aims to teach the principles of ethics and to provide the tools to deal with a variety of situations a person is likely to be confronted with while performing medicine.