Our story

EMSA Turin is a university association founded in 2015 in San Luigi Hospital. Our predecessors wanted to create a platform for medical student where everybody could find a friendly environment to create and run activities, workshops and lectures.

At first, the Twinning Project was established and a few lectures were organized. Soon after, many felt the desire to offer more, although the growth of the Association proceeded slowly as our studies are time consuming. Nowadays the association is more structured and is divided into different pillars, each one focusing on a specific area of interest.

Our actvities, workshops, and projects are open to all Medicine students. However, members of the Association get priority access.

The Board of the Association is renovated once a year in spring. The elections are open to all members and everybody has the chance to step up and apply for a position. 

Check out the people behind the scenes for this term right below and connect with them if you wish to be part of this story!

Fiamma Cusumano

Vice-president - LC2

I am Fiamma, LC2 responsible of supervising our projects and give my help and contribution whenever I can.
I have a passion for outdoor sports, mostly water-related, and enjoy interacting with new people and different cultures. Being in EMSA is teaching me to always try to make myself useful and do my best when I don’t know the field of interest, as we can all learn from each other and our experiences of life!

Giacomo Riberi

President - LC1

I’m Giacomo, local coordinator @ EMSA Turin.
I’ve been in EMSA since the beginning of my academic jurney.
My interests range from medicine all the way to new tech and computer science.
I love science and every aspect of it.

Matteo Sibilla

Legal advisor

I am the boring one trying to guide the association through the massive beaurocracy sea. When i don’t pretend to be a serious student, I like to go hiking, skiing and making gelato.



Hey. My name is Jakub Struzik but call me Kuba for short. I am a fourth year student at SanLu. I got elected as a Treasurer for this year’s board and I will be taking care of admission fees as well as other financial operations. Do not hesitate to message me if in doubt. I was told I am easy going and friendly so I will be more than glad to help the newcomers as well as hang out.


Social Media


International Relations Officer
Project director

I am the one responsible of integrating EMSA establishments from medical faculties all over Europe and promoting various events and collaborations with them. I have a great passion for surgery and love travelling.


internal relationship officer

I’m Sofia, the internal relationship officer. This means that if you have any doubt about how to get involved with emsa, I can help you! When I’m not busy with uni I like looking for new music and swing dancing


Project director

I am the one that makes your dreams come true (hopefully the good ones) 😂

Alžbeta Hojsíková

Italian language
Project director

Hey, I am Alžbeta, or Alžbi for short. I am taking care of the Italian Language Project, where we strive to give newcomers from abroad some basic knowledge of the Italian language.
I have been a professional dancer for 13 years and now I have found my passion in yoga. It really helps me to relax my body and find peace in the never ending stress of studying medicine, haha.


Project director

Hey, it’s Sara! I’m in charge of the Twinning Project, where you can travel, start new friendships, and learn about the world and yourself! EMSA has always taught me to get out of my comfort zone to experience the best of what life has to offer. My ultimate passion is traveling, seeing the world from new perspectives, and getting in contact with different cultures while meeting extraordinary people.

El Ballouz

Project director

Hey, I’m Feras, a 3rd year medical student. I’m the project manager of Effervescience, a project aiming to organize conferences and workshops on topics of our interest.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any ideas or suggestions!


LET's talk about sex
Project director

I’m responsible for “Let’s Talk About Sex”, the peer education project that takes med students into high school to raise awareness about STIs and their prevention among adolescents.
About me: I’m deeply interested in Public Health, Quality Assurance for Higher Education and in Politics, and I love hunting dogs.


Project director