Our story

EMSA Turin is a university association founded in 2015 in San Luigi Hospital. Our predecessors wanted to create a platform for medical student where everybody could find a friendly environment to create and run activities, workshops and lectures.

At first, the Twinning Project was established and a few lectures were organized. Soon after, many felt the desire to offer more, although the growth of the Association proceeded slowly as our studies are time consuming. Nowadays the association is more structured and is divided into different pillars, each one focusing on a specific area of interest.

Every year many come and many go, but the costant sharing of visions and values is what keeps us inspired.

Our actvities, workshops, and projects are open to all Medicine students. However, members of the Association get priority access.

Usually, we ask for a very affordable annual membership fee, which allows us to cover for expenses like flyers, posters, lecturers and tools.

Nevertheless, all of our work is completely volountary.

The Board of the Association is renovated once a year in spring. The elections are open to all members and everybody has the chance to step up and apply for a position. 

Check out the people behind the scenes for this term right below and connect with them if you wish to be part of this story!

Matteo Sibilla

President - LC1

My position represents the core of what the Association is or does: basically, I am in charge of making sure that everything works fine and everyone has got what he/she needs to carry on the best way they can. Oh, I have a huge passion for music and pizza. Basic needs, indeed.

Camille Niehaus

Vice-president - LC2

I am the right (or left) hand. I am the proof that teamwork makes the dream work. When I’m not studying I am organizing stuff, eating/learning about food, having a sweat session, talking or going somewhere new.

Andrea Marti

Legal advisor

I am the boring one trying to guide the association through the massive beaurocracy sea. When I don’t pretend to be a serious student, I like to go hiking, skiing and making gelato.


Public Health

Sono il medical education director e mi occupo di tante cose, studio a torino e amo questa città. Nel tempo libero passeggio per il centro e lungo il fiume. Il mio piatto preferito è la lasagna.


Medical education

I’m a third year medical student at the University of Turin and founder of Omnes Education, a startup focusing on fighting inequality of opportunity. My involvement with organisations such as EMSA and EIA ignited interest in digital and public health as well as the use of health policy as a tool for change and innovation in sectors such as HealthTech, GreenTech and EdTech. Aside from these activities, I enjoy travelling, competitive rowing and sculpting.


Eu Integration & Culture

I’m the curly guy who deals with internationality and I try to offer students a University that goes beyond the walls of our hospital. I have been part of Emsa Torino since it was born and over the years I have tried to broaden its horizons and its contacts with the rest of Europe. I strongly believe in the value of a united and connected Europe. With my brilliant team I take care of organizing experiences around Europe and intercultural exchanges between Medical students. Between a pizza and a paella I like to play the guitar and explore new paths in the world.


Social Media Manager

I’m the one trying to coordinate all things Social Media related. Nevertheless, social platforms don’t have that big of a role in my personal life. My passions, in fact, are: outdoors adventures and traveling, indie rock and pretentious films. Since living alone I’ve also developed an interest in cooking, although it might just be survival instinct.